Jessie Keys

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Things Jessie Taught Me

Never miss a chance to lie down and have a short nap.If there are no roses to smell, dandelions and clover have very nice aroma.The slower you walk, the more you can enjoy the earth under your feet, the sun on your fur, and the air that you breathe.Good hearing is not necessarily an attribute; sometimes you know more about a person, or a dog, by listening with your heart.Take every opportunity you get to roll in the tall grass; more IS better.If the sun is shining, bask in it; if there are clouds, imagine; if there is wind, let it ruffle your fur; if there is rain, step in every puddle; if there are people around, let them pet you all they want- remember that dog love is not limited by size or volume.In all ways, always be a Lady.

 – Be Hudson

waiting for Perry since October of 2007

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