IMPORTANT: All play groups are at capacity and there are 247 dogs on the wait list. If you’d like to get on the waitlist, please complete a daycare application using the link below.

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Holiday Hours

Daycare is open
Monday through Friday from 6:30am until 6:00pm. 
Late pick-up until 7:30pm Mon-Thurs

Thor sunning his ears during daycare

“You have got to be kidding –
daycare for DOGS?! No way!”

WAY! Life is complicated these days, and our dogs sometimes get short shrift. Between work, shopping, business trips, vacation, and the occasional trip to the in-laws who are allergic, we often have to leave our dogs alone at home. This can lead to problems, particularly for puppies and adolescents — and for most breeds, that’s up to three years old or even longer!

Dogs are social animals, and without the benefit of other dogs and people to keep them busy, they get bored and lonely, which can lead to anger and destructiveness.
Play Dog Excellent is a safe harbor for your dog while you’re out tending to the rest of your life. We’ll make sure your dog gets all the exercise, attention, and socialization he needs so that you come home to a clean house (well, it’ll be no worse off than you left it anyway!) and a dog that’s pleasantly pooped.
Dog daycare is all about…. peace of mind!

DAYCARE RATES: Fees are based on a pre-paid pass plan. Passes are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Days do not have to be used consecutively; however, daycare is an ongoing commitment, and dogs are expected to come at least once each week.

1-day pass $22.00

5-day pass $105 (save $5.00)

10-day pass $198 (save $22)

20-day pass $352 (save $88)

30-day pass $495 (save $165!)

Maggie C. trotting after Murphy C. in Tweeners.

Family Plan 20% discount for additional dogs from the same household

Half days $14.00 (up to four hours)

Daycare Schedule

Dogs (and humans) thrive on structure, so we organize our day fairly rigorously to keep things flowing smoothly:

  • Check-in 6:30 – 8:30am
  • Group play 8:30 – 11:30am
  • Nap time 11:30 – 2pm
  • Group play 2:00 – 5:30pm
  • Check-out before 6:00pm
  • Late pick-up until 7:30pm Monday through Thursday

Visiting hours – 12:30 – 2pm Tuesday – Friday

We’re very proud of our facility, and love to show it off. Please call ahead for an appointment so that we can make arrangements for covering the dogs as well as the front office while we’re visiting.

Remi P. showing new dogs how zoomies work.

Daycare Requirements

To keep everyone safe, dogs must meet these requirements in order to attend daycare at Play Dog Excellent:

Daycare dogs must attend at least once per week. Dogs are social animals, and they have a better time when they know what to expect. Dogs need to be on a regular schedule so that they are familiar with the staff and the other dogs. 

Puppies must have completed their 2nd round of inoculations and the Kennel Cough (Bordetella) vaccine. All dogs must be current on their vaccinations per their veterinarian’s protocol, including kennel cough (Bordetella), rabies, distemper, parvo.

Dogs over 7 months must be spayed (female) or surgically neutered (male) in order to attend group play. Sorry, but female dogs in heat cannot come at all. Chemical castration is not an acceptable alternative for our purposes.

Dogs must be crate trained to both wire and plastic crates, without containment issues or anxiety.

Dogs must be well socialized to dogs their own age, size, and play style.

Dogs must be well socialized to people, and comfortable with both men and women.

Dogs must be leash trained, and able to walk under control on a flat buckle collar and 4-foot nylon leash. Dogs must be walked on-leash from the car into the building. Dayton Blvd is a very busy road and we cannot risk having any dogs hurt or killed.

Dogs must be wearing their own flat (buckle, snap, or martingale) collar with current ID tag.

Please do not use retractable or chain leashes. Rope, nylon, or leather leashes work much better for moving dogs indoors.

Dogs must be on a flea prevention product such as Frontline or Trifexis, or use a flea repellent collar such as Seresto.

Process for new daycare dogs

Please complete a daycare application in order to get on the wait list. We will give you a call to go over specifics and make sure we’re a good fit for your needs. Once a spot opens up, we’ll give you a call to schedule an evaluation. Nancy does daycare evals Monday through Thursday at 9am, 10am, 1pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm or 4:30pm. The cost is $25, and you should bring your dog, daycare application, and shot records. Nancy’s job is to determine if your dog would enjoy daycare – not all do, and she has a gift for discovering those that probably would from those that definitely would not. This is not a good-dog/bad-dog determination: we want the dogs to want to be here. Assuming your dog does, you and Nancy will look at the schedule and agree on a good first-day introduction. For the first day, we need you here before 8:30 so that we can follow our introduction protocol.