Coconut Garner

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waiting for Shawn & Robinsince 09/30/2007

My little girl Coconut passed away Sunday morning. As you all know she hasn’t been doing good the past few weeks but it was very peaceful when it happened. Robin handed her over to me when I got there this morning and we went to her favorite spot “the recliner” and within five minutes she stretched out, licked my finger (which was always her way to give me the seal of approval) and let me know it was time to go. Coconut had 16 wonderful years with us and was the staple of our fur children and she ruled the roost. She had many nicknames and would answer them all. Woobie, The Queen, Little Bit, Boo, Spitfire and Pee pot just to name a few. She had many adventures also. Camping buddy in the Smokies and Fall Creek Falls, Experienced Canoe paddler and her favorite was riding the cats in the house by jumping off the couch and later coming back in the living room with a wad of cat hair in her mouth (hence the Spitfire name). Words cannot express how deeply this two and half pound dog affected our lives but just knowing that she had a fun filled life with us will help us through.

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