Synner, Border Collie

Synner cropped.jpg

MACHSynner Bridge cropped.jpg

Thanks Dearest Friends for all your thoughts and prayers. It is always so hard to loose one of those very, very, special friends. With Synner it was a two edged knife. It was a blessing for Synner, because he went so quickly. It was the worst of times for me in that, I was so unprepared. The emptiness is immense not only for me and Mom, but for Onyx. She has never been one to bark, but the last few days have been especially hard on her. She has barked during the day as well as night. In my heart, I know with time the pain and emptiness will pass, but the loss of such a special boy will always remain.At times like this it is the thoughts and prayers that ushers one through the difficult times. I can’t thank you enough for all the thoughts and prayers. We have felt everyone of them. 

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