PDQ, Terrier Extraordinarier

Waiting for Be, Noelle, Leanne, Nancy, Bev, Cris, Cate,and all his 2- and 4-legged friends from the Chattanooga Chomp Flyball Club, PDX, and everywhere elsesince December 28, 2011

PDQ (2) Bridge.jpg

PDQ Bridge.jpg

I know he looks like a dog

I know he acts like a dog,

But that’s not all he is.

He’s composed of flesh and bones, blood and fur

But also

Of hopes and dreams

Experiences, relationships, interactions and invitations.

He has the heart of a lover

The courage of a lion

The elegance of a king

The fun of a circus clown

The commitment of a best friend.

he lives in the eternal now – completely

Not judging, not comparing, not evaluating

Just BE-ing

Who he is

A dog

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