Paddy II Barr Scottish Terrier

PaddyII Bridge.jpg

Waiting for Charlotte, Lulu, Fergus, Minnie, Boots, and Maypop  since April 25, 2013

I can’t talk about it yet, so I am using this form to tell you that my beloved Paddy died today. He fought the good fight, and I had him longer than I had reason to hope. But it is still hard to let him go, and Lulu, Fergus and I will miss him terribly. I think Minnie, Boots and Maypop will too, because he was always tolerant of blind dogs and kitties.So Paddy Cake, my prince, has joined Paddington, Pooh and Perelandra at the Rainbow Bridge, where they all await our reunion in those happy fields of wagging tails and furry hugs.Paddy joined the Barr Pack from Scottish Terrier Rescue twelve years ago. He lived to be 14 and was ready to be away.Soon after he came to his forever home, I took Paddy to meet my mother. When she saw him, she said, “Oh, look at that beautiful white dog!” That was the last sentence she ever spoke. I know she will look after him until we’re all together again.

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