Bogey RE CGC TDI, Dachshund 01/21/00 – 03/17/11

BogeyJump Bridge.jpg

Waiting for Donna, Birdie, & Carbella since 3/17/2011


At five years old, Bogey became a part of my family in April of 2005. This was almost two months after I lost a seventeen year old dachshund. I had no expectations that Bogey or any other dog for that matter could fill the deep hole in my heart left by the 17yo man. Boy was I wrong; not only did Bogey fill the hole in my heart but expanded it along with my soul and entire being. He taught me not only how to train a dog but the unexplainable deep bond that forms between two beings, human and dog, when they experience, learn and accomplish the “un-accomplishable” together. I am and will be eternally grateful for having him in my life and can honestly say as a result of him I am a better person. Bogey will live forever in my heart, soul, and being.

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