For the dogs…

For the dogs….
For the Lab mix whose dad runs a construction company,
For the Aussie whose dad is a police chief and mom is a SWAT lieutenant,
For the Beagle whose mom is terrified because she has a heart condition and has to go to work in a legal office,
For the young Corgi whose mom is a nurse working 12-hour shifts at Erlanger,
For the black Labs whose moms are professors at Chatt State trying to hold classes from their dining rooms,
For the Golden Retriever whose mom is taking care of her mom in hospice,
For the All-American whose mom is finishing up the last 3 months of her residency,
Oh yes, for these and all the other dogs who need a safe place to be while their families are taking care of the world in these troubled times,
For the dogs, yes, we are open.

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