COVID-19 Precautions for Group Classes at PDX

We have a few changes from our previous sessions:

  • Classes scheduled to begin at 6:30pm will begin at 6:15pm in order to avoid congestion between classes.
  • Students in 7:30 classes are requested not to enter the building before 7:25pm in order to give the earlier classes time to exit.
  • Students in classes held in the back of the building (Head Start, Puppy Plus, Really Reliable Recall, Agility 1, and Monday Basic Obedience) should use the back door; all other classes use the side door.
  • Masks are required except for people meeting exemption criteria in Section 2 of Hamilton County Health Department Directive Number 1. Please note that several instructors and students have health exemptions so there will be people without masks.
  • Students are requested to maintain 6 feet distance from persons outside of their household while in our facility.
  • Family members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Greater consistency gives greater results.
  • Students should take their temperature before coming to class, and should not come if they are feeling sick or running a temperature above 100.4. Missed classes can be made up the following session.
  • Students should bring personal hand sanitizer as we are less able to obtain supplies.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Please defer to a later session if you have any concerns.

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