Thank you for registering for one of our group classes.  Below is some information to help you prepare for class.  If you have any questions, please call us at 423-870-7740.

All classes

  • Please come about 5 minutes early so that you and your dog can settle in.
  • Please use the back or side entrance after the first week of class. This will reduce congestion in the lobby.
  • Please potty your dog before class. You can use the side field or the play yard behind the building.
  • Please clean up after your dog. We provide bags and/or pooper scoopers and buckets in all potty areas.
  • Anyone who lives with the dog is encouraged to attend and participate in classes. Children who are not handling the dog during instruction and exercises must be supervised by an adult other than the handler.
  • For all of our dogs’ safety, smoking is not allowed in the training building or on the grounds. Please dispose of smoking materials in your car. NEVER drop a cigarette on the sidewalk, parking lot, or concrete pad.

Puppy Classes

For their own protection, puppies must have at least 2 rounds of vaccines plus the Kennel Cough (Bordetella) inoculation before attending class and must continue their vet’s vaccine protocol throughout the course.

What to wear

Wear comfortable clothing and non-skid shoes.  Dog training is a physical activity that requires a lot of moving around, though we can offer suggestions for those who need a different approach.  If you don’t have a treat bag, consider wearing loose-fitting pants with easy access pockets to store your treats.


Collar: buckle, martingale, or snap collar for puppy classes.  For adult classes, training collars may be recommended by the instructor.  Please bring whatever equipment you normally work with.

Leash:  2 to 6 foot leash (shorter leashes work nicely for taller dogs), preferably leather or cotton.  Please do not bring chain or retractable leashes to class.

Treat bag: (optional) Fanny pack, workman’s pocket belt, PortaPockets- anything that snaps, clips, or ties on to your clothing in a way that’s comfortable for you and makes it easy to grab treats.

Feeding & Treats

Class can be a stressful and confusing place for your dog, and high-value food is an excellent way to keep him focused.  Please do not feed your dog before class- motivating with treats works best when your dog is a little hungry.  Bring several types of soft treats broken into pea-sized bits.  Dry kibble, biscuits, or anything crunchy or extra chewy will take the dog too long to consume and won’t work well in class.  Treats should be something special that your dog only gets in class.  Try different kinds before the first class and see what your dog likes best.  Popular choices include; cut-up hot dogs (low-fat), steak, or chicken, cat treats, freeze-dried liver, and cheese (string cheese in tubes works great!)  We sell Natural Balance dog treats with limited ingredient options for dogs with allergies.

Details, details

  • All classes except for Puppy Head Start are progressive, so we advise attending all classes. However, we know that life can get in the way. Please notify your instructor if you’re going to miss a class to find out what will be covered. Missed classes can be made up with any other scheduled class within six months.
  • Female dogs in heat are not allowed in class. handlers may substitute another dog or make arrangements with the instructor to continue the class at a later session.
  • For everyone’s safety, aggressive dogs (any dog that shows inappropriate challenge, threat, or contest to another dog or human) are not recommended for class situations. Please contact us about private training.